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Permit is VALID 6 hours from the STAMPED date and time.

(Permit is VOID unless stamped with date and time.)


Purchaser agrees to all Conditions – See posted restrictions on premise for most up-to-date Conditions

Fishing Ticket Conditions

  1. Fish must be handled with care.  All Carp must be netted from waters with a KNOTLESS NET to be eligible for pools and contests. Indy Lakes stocks quality fish and promotes continuous care of our fish.  Improper handling/abuse of any fish is cause for void of all fishing privileges.  Questions:  Inquire at baitshop.

  2. Two pole limit at all times.  No throw lines.  Extra poles cost $7 each – stamp required.  Only one permit per person.  Bank space may be limited during busy times to 10 feet if announcement is made, please use common courtesy.

  3. THIS PERMIT IS CATCH AND RELEASE ONLY.  The Front and Back Lake are not included on this permit, nor is access to these lakes.  See the baitshop for our regular 6, 12 or 24 Hour Permit pricing.  No pool fishing in the pond.

  4. Single hooks only.  One hook per line.  No treble or multi-prong hooks.  No netting of fish unless hooked.  No line marker such as Styrofoam, tinfoil or paper products (dough, food, bait, clip-on bobbers, play-doh, are OK; See baitshop for questions).  No chumming.  No seines/cast nets. No pets are allowed at all.

  5. Management reserves the right to revoke any permit. Indy Lakes will not be and is not responsible in case of accident or injury of any nature occurring on these premises.  No cleaning of fish on the property.

  6. No loud noise, including loud vehicle exhaust (you may be asked to park up front or refrain from excessive driving).  If another person can hear your radio - then it is too loud.  No rude, disruptive, and/or drunken behavior.  Courtesy is required.  Small wood fires allowed.  No wood burnt that contains any hardware.  No brush burning.  No trash thrown.   Please use trash barrels.  Permit holder is responsible for damaged property.  Do not block drives or campsites, except south side Carp Lake.  Campsites are not included with fishing (check availability with baitshop).  Unauthorized visitors may void your ticket.  All visitors must check in and may or may not be allowed to visit depending on many factors and only during day time, no visitors at night past the front parking lot.  No swimming or wading.  

  7. No solicitation.  This permit is not transferable.  You may leave and return but you must check-in with the baitshop upon each return.  If you leave the lakes your lines must be reeled in.  Management is not responsible for stolen or missing property.  No refunds or rainchecks. 




Everyone is entered into the TAG FISH!!

(Seasonal – See baitshop for details and rules.)

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