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Rules for hourly pools:  Effective 03/28/15

1).  All ticket and pool rules apply except you may enter the hourly pool at any time, and get a refund anytime before the start time, even if you have a ticket already.  See posted hours of contest.  All poles must be reeled in at the start time.

2).  No more than 20’ of bank space total taken with all poles.  All poles must be together.  See your ticket or posted maximum poles allowed for the particular hourly pool.

3).  You may use a vehicle to transport the fish (about 10 m.p.h. speed limit).  You can have assistance carrying but the angler must be with the fish.   

4).  Any fish you have on at the start time does not count towards this pool (but does for other contests).  Your poles must be out of the water at the starting time.  If not, no fish will count until that pole is reeled in after the starting time.   No intentional holding of fish, we suggest you be as quick as possible, we may disqualify you if we believe you are holding the fish.  The time the fish enters the baitshop door is the qualified time.

5).  You must throw reasonably-straight, corner fishing requires shorter throws (as does cove-point-shack).  No throwing past the middle of the lake (use common sense:  Courtesy is required.).  Make room for fellow anglers if they are fighting a fish.

6).  If paying pool entry by credit card, a $5 fee will be added.

7).  Fish must weigh 5.0 pounds or larger to qualify on any hour except sudden death after the last hour, where a 10.0# or bigger is the minimum. 

8).  Protests must be made at time of a weigh-in.  We will do our best to announce by PA every leading fish that is weighed in.  Winners will be paid when management is satisfied they are legitimate. If a disqualification, the next highest weight(s) for that hour will be the winner.  If no winners for that hour, then the payout is higher for future hours, as described in Contest Cash and/or on the sign-in sheet.  If empty spots on an hour, then any winners for that hour also win/split the empty spots (contest may only pay 1 spot or up to 3 spots, see Contest 2015).  If no winner the last hour, the first fish in THAT WEIGHS 10.0 POUNDS OR HIGHER after the posted end time wins the last hour 100%.

9).  The pond is OUT OF PLAY for hourly pools.

10).  All Anglers must be off the lake with equipment for a drawing of spots, typically 30 minutes before the start time.  Drawing of spots may have different formats, but typically a person will say where he is going with a draw several times per minute.  During any tournament, any non-hourly anglers on the lake do not have to move but also cannot hold any spot for an hourly Angler (this may also tighten based on feedback and NPQ rules such as a used spot might not be available for the entire first hour or entire event).  All Anglers can move anytime after the starting gun.  NPQ may have a different draw format and Indy Lakes may change to match that format.  Please listen for details posted and shown on each event day.


*  See Contest Flyer for details;  Actual amount based on number of entrants.

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