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Pool Rules at Indy Lakes: effective 03/28/15

  1. Pool entry must be at time you purchase permit.  Valid permit with pool stamp is required.  The order of these rules has no relevance.  The baitshop attendant may require couples or groups fishing together to get in same pools.  The attendant on duty may allow or require later pool entries, or may void all pool entries, if groups are fishing together and they are not in the same pools. This is at the attendant’s discretion; All affected tickets must be presented as requested by attendant. 

  2. Three pole limit – extra poles costs extra (stamp required).  Read your permit as all permit conditions apply.  No chumming is a permit rule defined as throwing bait into the water that is not on a hook when cast.  Chumming is baiting an area of water intentionally.  Small amounts of bait used as line marker that falls into the water is acceptable within reason. 

  3. Fish must be hooked inside mouth or inner/outer lip.  No snagging.  No multi-prong hooks. No multiple hooks.  Hair rigs are allowed with a maximum 1.5” hair.  Your hook must be baited when cast (no bare hook thrown except single-hook lure).

  4. Fish must be carried in a net, and/or weigh sling.  All Carp must be netter from waters with a KNOTLESS NET to be eligible for weigh in.  Carp caddy is not allowed.  Weighing Procedure:  Angler must remove fish from net/sling inside baitshop and place fish in basket/tub.  Do not touch the basket/tub or scales once placed in basket/tub.  Angler may get assistance from others but attendant is not required to assist.  Fish should not be lifted by gills - this may kill the fish.  Attendant may disqualify fish if lifted by gills.  Reweigh procedure:  Fish can only be weighed one time however baitshop attendant can demand a reweigh if he/she knows that scale was not on zero or if other discrepancies were noted before fish was put in basket (previous weighing debris can affect zero setting, basket weight may not have been set to zero, etc.). 

  5. Fish must be netted from lake waters.  All Carp must be netted with a KNOTLESS NET.  No holding of fish longer than ~10 minutes (to allow for tackle put-up, etc.).  Only one fish per net/weigh sling.  Lander (netter) may not be out in water above knees to land.  If kneecaps are partially wet due to water depth, fish is disqualified. 

  6. Fish must be in baitshop before pool ends.  For example:  If a pool or permit ends at 6:00, you must be in the door no later than 5:59:59.  

  7. Protest must be made at time of weigh-in, unless violations are discovered thereafter.  In any event, protests must occur before pool is paid.  We will prosecute civilly and criminally if intentional fraud can be proven.

  8. Fish must be returned to respective lake in which it was caught unless management says otherwise.  Angler should weigh in own fish to avoid confusion - if we cannot verify correct angler through fishing permit or records or if suspicious activity is noticed, fish is disqualified.

  9. Any pool violation will result in immediate disqualification of all active pool entries defined as any active fish entered on pools or contests that have not yet been paid.  The angler can continue fishing, with management approval, on the same permit after violation(s) are corrected HOWEVER further penalties may apply depending on severity, history, angler's intent, and/or management's judgment.  

  10. Once fish enters baitshop, it cannot leave and then be re-weighed or re-entered.

  11. Angler’s choice of pool if Fish qualifies.  One Fish equals one pool or contest position unless specific Contest allows otherwise. 

  12. Staff can and will conduct periodic line and hook set-up inspections.  Failure to reel in lines for inspection results in disqualification of pool entries for the entire season.

  13. No swapping/giving/receiving of pool fish.  Pool winners must collect within 30 days of pool end.

  14. Reminder that permit is not transferable – You may assist fellow angler with approval of rod/reel owner.  Fish counts towards rod/reel owners permit.

  15. Unauthorized visitors may void your pools and ticket.  It is your responsibility to ensure visitors check-in for permission to visit before they enter fishing areas.  Non-fishing guests are discouraged from having lake access.  

  16. If fish looks or is sick (such as fungus covered, bacteria growth, excessive red spots or blood, etc.) it does not qualify.

  17. Maximum handle length on landing net is one hundred twenty (120) inches.

  18. Management will pay winners when satisfied no rules were broken and catch was legitimate.  Management’s judgment is final.

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